"I have a slow growing heart grey lichen hides it
As if I existed for the sake of providing a place for
lichens to grow"
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Krisztina Dányi, known by her stage name morningdeer is a Hungarian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She is classically trained and is best known for her experimental music associated with the Hungarian lo-fi/bedroom scene centered in Budapest.

Dányi made her debut with her well-received LP 'Days' in 2011 and started performing as a lo-fi act around Budapest on several experimental jazz improvising sessions. Her sound has been categorized as art-rock, baroque pop and experimental noise.

In 2012 she started working on a new tracks resulting two sophomore albums ‘Concert On A Twig’ in 2013 and ‘Blue For B’ in 2015. Both were released by Whereabout Records in Japan, Great-Britain and the U.S. and followed by tours in Japan (2014) and in Central-Europe (2015) with composer Bálint Bolcsó.

Other projects included scoring for dance pieces, theatre and cinema: sound design and music for 'Loop' (short movie), for Guppi (piece by Vassily Sigarev) and a full piece 'Balance' written for Budapest Dance Theatre.

Plans for 2022 include new songs for her latest project, Gloria.